Meet The Chef

A native to the island of Eleuthera, Chef Devaughn Sweeting has been igniting dinner tables and dining occasions all over The Bahamas. 

From high profile celebrity homes to quaint restaurants and vacation abodes, Vaughn's personal touch has left an indelible flavour on the hearts and taste buds of his clients. With a passion for presenting the best of authentic Bahamian dishes, this Chef takes an old fashion approach to food thus complementing his modern and international cuisines.

As an after-school apprentice to his "partner in dine", his Mother , Chef Theola, Devaughn was inspired to study at the Bahamas School of Hospitality further honing his culinary talents.

"Synergy is my main ingredient, preparing meals with a fine balance of mother's wit tossed with a keen skill set; each meal ushers a journey through history, creation and future."





Fresh From The Sea

Eleuthera is renowned as a superb fishing community at large. To get the best and freshest seafood, we hit the docks at 3:00pm daily. 

Fresh Crawfish ( Spiny Lobster)

Stone Crab





Mahi Mahi

Catch of the day Fillets


A Taste of The Bahamas

Authentically Bahamian specialities; A crafted display of unmarred cultural cuisine - fresh, colorful, exquisite.

Create Your Own Menu

"242 to the world!"

Enjoy an eclectic selection of your all- time favourites with a splash of Bahamian Flavor

Desserts & Pastries

Totally redefine the boundaries of your sweet-tooth


Vaughn's dinner was amazing. It was honestly the best dinner we have ever had in all of our years on the island.

Stacie A, Winchester, VA

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